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Medical. Technical. Science. Academic. Research. And Space.                   Writing To Fit Your Business

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Thank you for your help with all my content.  You did a great job for us! Knoxville Spine & Sports

Jacque is a passionate and dedicated writer and valuable member of our freelance writing team. She consistently comes up with on-target pitches and executes them in a professional manner. Jacque puts her full effort into all assignments.
She is a great communicator and keeps me fully apprised as to the progress of her stories. She is thorough in her research and is open to feedback and revisions if necessary. She is hard working, organized, well-connected, enthusiastic and smart.

I would not hesitate to recommend Jacque for writing assignments. 

Cynthia Calvert, Tribune Owner

Jacqueline's excellent work on our USAF proposal landed us our first DOD contract.  We expect to leverage her skills soon procure both phase 2 and phase 3 awards as the contract progresses.
Andrew Zeppa, Element 119 President


Jacqueline is someone I can rely on to produce incredible content, with the simplest of instructions. I can suggest a topic I want to explore and she will not only write thoroughly and thoughtfully about that topic, but suggest relevant and helpful ancillary topics we can cover next. Her timing and reliability make her indispensable, too.
We feel so lucky to have found her!
–Caroline Hoy, SaaS Content Manager

Working on this project with you has embodied the promise of how good freelance writing can be. This has been effortless for me, which I REALLY NEEDED. You threw your heart into this work and the results truly show. Thank you! I am super excited to continue working with you especially on space exploration projects.  Kimberly Kelly, Principal, Mason Kelly Marketing

Jacque has always done a fantastic job researching and writing about medical and technology pieces. These are often intricate, detailed orders that can include specific instructions, up-to-date information and forward-thinking thought leadership pieces, and she has been able to produce high-quality content that meets each of those needs. We have relied on her as the primary writer for several of these topics. Kimberly Zipprich, BME

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